we believe true healing takes time. we understand the importanCE Touch plays in our overall well being. The changing seasons, daily stress, and environmental toxins all affect one’s health by constant exposure through our BOdy.

Hot Stone Massage
Promoting rest and rejuvenation, this massage uses hot basalt stones and therapeutic oils to provide continuous heat therapy, detoxification, and relief to stressed muscles. Cold Stone Massage available in summer.
75/90 minutes $120/135

Radiant Body Glow
A deeply exfoliating body polish. Choose from our in-house custom blend of raw sugar and pure New Zealand Manuka oil or pink Himalayan sea salt polish, finished with our hydrating organic lotion, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and renewed.

This full body relaxation massage utilizes aromatic oils for their natural medicinal qualities. A holistic treatment designed to assist the body's natural ability to balance and heal through the use of essential oils.
60/90 minutes $95/130

Raindrop Therapy
This powerfully therapeutic body treatment combines healing massage with Young Living essential oils to bring balance and transformation while supporting body systems on a physical & emotional level. 



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